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"Trip Of Love" Theatre in Osaka, Japan 2008
Rachelle Rak, Laurie Wells, and David Elder, Opening Eve Reception, "Trip Of Love"
Rachelle Rak, Laurie Wells, and David Elder, Opening Eve Reception, "Trip Of Love"
Austin Miller, Rachelle Rak, Laurie Wells, David Elder, Opening Eve Reception, "Trip Of Love"
Laurie at Opening Eve Reception, "Trip Of Love"
Austin Miller and Laurie Wells, backstage "Trip Of Love"
Laurie Wells and Mahri Relin, backstage "Trip Of Love"
Laurie Wells and Koichi Fujiura backstage "Trip Of Love"
Daryl Getman, Kaori Torii, Laurie Wells, Rachelle Rak and Bo Broadwell, backstage "Trip Of Love"
Laurie in groovy, sexy costume, "Trip Of Love"
Laurie in dressing room in yet another groovy costume
Laurie and cast
Laurie with cast and others
"Trip Of Love"   April-May 2008 Osaka, Japan
Miami New Times Review, June 13, 2002:
"Laurie Wells, who simply sings in her own style: Her emotional rendition of "I'm a Fool to Want You" particularly well-delivered."  
Laurie as
Rizzo in a production of "Grease".
other memorable roles...
Laurie Wells in costume backstage, Pre-Broadway, "Trip Of Love" Osaka, Japan  2008
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Laurie at stage door opening night in Tucson, AZ officially taking over the lead role as "Donna Sheridan" in the National Tour of "Mamma Mia!"
Carrie Manolakos, Sean Krill and Laurie Wells
Laurie in Mexico during the National Tour of "Mamma Mia!", 2006
Laurie headshot
Laurie with her "Sam", Sean Krill
Cheryl, Jennifer, Laurie, Chris and Karen, her number one fans!!  Eugene, OR  January, 2006, National Tour of "Mamma Mia!"
Laurie signing Cheryl's t-shirt
Laurie and Lisa Mandel, backstage, Fort Worth TX, July 2006, National Tour of "Mamma Mia!"
Karen, Chris, Laurie and Jennifer, backstage, Fort Worth, TX, July 2006
Chris, Laurie and Cheryl  Chicago, IL December 2006
Chris, Laurie and Karen, Chicago, IL, December 2006
Karen, Laurie, Chris and Cheryl after Laurie's final performance as "Donna" in the National Tour of "Mamma Mia!", March 4, 2007
Laurie blowing a kiss to the "Tin Man", stage door of the Winter Garden Theatre after a performance of "Mamma Mia!", NYC
"This Cast Is Marvelous" and so is Laurie Wells!!!
Karen, Laurie, Chris and Cheryl, after seeing Laurie in "Mamma Mia!" on Broadway, May 2007
Stage door of Winter Garden Theatre, NYC, Karen, Laurie and Chris, July 2007
Laurie prepares for Mamma Mia!
Laurie during rehearsal
Laurie and cast during "Money, Money, Money"  Photo by Chris Bennion
"Money, Money, Money"  Photo by Joan Marcus
Laurie singing "Mamma Mia!"  Photo by Joan Marcus
"Donna and the Dynamos"
"Dancing Queens"  Photo by Joan Marcus
Lisa Mandel, Laurie Wells and Laura Ware during "Super Trouper" National Tour  Photo by Joan Marcus
Laurie as "Donna"
Laurie Wells and Bekah Nutt singing "Slipping Through My Fingers"
Lisa, Laurie and Laura during finale
Lisa, Laurie, and Laura singing "Dancing Queen" during finale  Photo by Chris Bennion
"Dancing Queen" Finale  Photo by Chris Bennion
The "Donna"  Laurie Wells
Clockwise from top, Laurie Wells, Sean Krill, Milo Shandel, Laura Ware, Ian Simpson and Lisa Mandel, "Mamma Mia!" National Tour
Lisa Mandel, Laura Ware and Laurie Wells, Mexico 2006
"Mamma Mia!" Mexico 2006
"Mamma Mia!" National Tour celebrates its 2000th Performance!
Cast of "Mamma Mia!" National Tour
Laurie backstage "Mamma Mia!"
Laurie Wells during promo filming of "Mamma Mia!"

The incomparable Laurie Wells, backstage, "Swing!", Tokyo, Japan  August 2008
Laurie Wells looking lovely backstage as Dorothy Brock in "42nd Street" at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT.  
Laurie looking fabulous in sequins backstage, "42nd Street"
Laurie perfoming the song "42nd Street".
Laurie performing "Shadow Waltz".
Laurie with Erick Devine in "42nd Street".
Laurie and Austin Miller dancing and singing "You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me".
Laurie and Erick Devine.
Mirror Image.  Laurie looking elegant in "42nd Street" costume
Kristen Martin with Laurie Wells, Opening Night of 42nd Street
Laurie Wells and Erick Devine, Opening Night of 42nd Street
Rick Conant, Kristen Martin, Austin Miller, Laurie Wells and Ray Roderick, Opening Night 42nd Street
Laurie with Maceo Oliver, backstage, "Swing!" Tokyo, Japan August 2008
Laurie and Bob Cookman (Conductor) "Swing!" the musical, Tokyo, Japan  August 2008
Laurie and Maceo looking dazzling, "Swing!", Tokyo August 2008
Laurie with Charlie Marcus backstage, "Swing!", Tokyo, Japan, 2008.
Laurie with Kristen Martin backstage, "42nd Street".
Laurie as Diva Dorothy Brock with cast in "42nd Street".
Click the links below to watch Laurie perform two numbers from the hit musical "Swing" in Tokyo, Japan.
Laurie with good friend and "Swing!" cast member Jessica Dillan in Nagoya, Japan 2008.
Laurie Wells as Dorothy Brock in the musical "42nd Street" at the Tony® Award winning Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT. 2009
Joyce Chittick, Laurie Wells, Kristen Martin, "Dames At Sea"
Kristen Martin, Shea Sullivan (Choreographer), Laurie Wells, after "Dames"
Kristen Martin as Ruby, Laurie Wells as Mona Kent, and Joyce Chittick as Joan in "Dames At Sea", Bay Street Theatre Sag Harbor, NY. August 2009