Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Chris Bennion
"Wells is an impressive talent who can sing and act well in many modes, all showcasing a beautiful voice."
Thousand Oaks, January 29, 2006,
by Rita Moran text.
"...Laurie Wells, whose charm, grace and magnificent voice proved her worthiness of  the lead role every time she took the stage...with her breathtaking performance of "Slipping Through My Fingers"..."
Greenville Herald-Journal, August 10, 2006, by Daljit Klasi
"But Laurie Wells, as Donna Sheridan, Sophie's mom, hit "The Winner Takes It All" out off the park, with a soaring Celine Dion-esque ending."
Providence, September 21, 2006, by Channing Gray
"The cast, lead by Laurie Wells, was captivating.  Even when singing the silliest of songs, Wells filled the stage with a range of emotions.  ...Her meltdown during the song "Mamma Mia!"  was one of the hightlights of the show.  ..."Winner Takes It All"  is a heartbreaking encounter between Donna and Sam."
Toledo Blade, August 17, 2006, by Nanciann Sherry
"Laurie Wells...plays the role with a strength of character that is inspiring.  Her rendition of "Winner Takes It All" will make your eyes water..."
Miami Beach, May 19, 2006, by Gloria Anderton
Lisa Mandel, Laurie Wells, Laura Ware and cast, Mamma Mia! National Tour 2006
"As Donna Sheridan, the single mamma of the title, Laurie Wells is a dynamo of dialogue and song.  She nails her punch lines and belts out her numbers with conviction and emotional depth."
Columbus Dispatch, September 28, 2006, by Michael Grossberg
"Wells is a stunner in the role, fully captivating and convincing vocally and physically..."
Syracuse Post-Standard, October 11, 2006, by Tony Curulla text.
"Laurie Wells as Donna has a commanding presence and rich voice.  She could belt out "Super Trouper"  and then bring the audience to tears with the poignant and subtle "Slipping Throuh My Fingers".
Hartford, September 15, 2006

"Laurie Wells as Donna has genuine charisma, and really anchors the show as a concerned mother.  It's a fully realized portrayal of a middle-aged woman who hasn't forgotten the energy - and pain - of youth.  She sings "Slipping Through My Fingers"  to her daughter with genuine poignancy."
Schenectady Albany Times-Union, October 18, 2006, by Michael Eck
"...Her acting was phenomenal..."  Bloomington, IN  April 13, 2006
"Laurie Wells is an exceptional  actress and singer, equally adept at delivering a punch line with snap and embuing a lyric from bygone disco days with an impressive depth of feeling."
Raleigh, April 20, 2006, by Robert W. McDowell
Laurie Wells and cast, Mamma Mia! National Tour 2006
"Laurie Wells is absolutely delightful as Donna Sheridan.  Her singing voice is strong, clear and pristine, and her performance is both tough and vulnerable."  Thousand Oaks, February 1, 2006, by Amber Degn
"...her almost bitter "Winner Takes It All" is a show-stopper."
Dallas Morning News, July 17, 2006, by Manuel Mendoza
"Laurie Wells, as Donna Sheridan...does definitive work here...Wells' performance is complex-a study guide for portraying mixed emotions simultaneously-deeply emotional...Laurie Wells' Donna Sheridan is not to be missed..."
Baltimore; Broadway World, August 31, 2006, by James Howard
"I've seen the ABBA musical "Mamma Mia" seven times now -- in London, New York, Las Vegas (twice) and Chicago (thrice).  ...The test of all Donnas is that power-ballad version of "The Winner Takes It All," and Laurie Wells -- a strikingly warm and empathetic actress -- smacks it out of the park."
Chicago Tribune, December 15, 2006, by Chris Jones
"...Enough can’t be said about the performance of Laurie Wells as Donna Sheridan, the mother of Sophie. This woman can act and has a voice to match..."
Knoxville, TN August 3, 2006 by Dan Barile
"Laurie Wells has everything a musical comedy lead needs - looks, comic timing and a great voice."  Spokane Spokesman-Review, January 5, 2006, by Jim Kershner
"Laurie Wells especially shines as she finds all the pride, anger and resentment in Donna Sheridan.  In her defining moment, the classic "Winner Takes It all", Wells demonstrated the inherent drama that made ABBA's songs so enduring. the song's end her heartbreak was palpable." 
Orlando Sun-Sentinel, May 24, 2006 by Matthew J Palm
"It was actress Laurie Wells who raked in most of that applause.  Sultry even in overalls and sandals, Wells stands far out from the pack as Greek tavern owner Donna Sheridan.  Her genuinely inner felt  conflict hit the audience most profoundly in "Slipping Through My Fingers"  as she dresses her daughter's hair, and in "The  Winner Takes It All" when she unleashes two decades of pain and loss at Sam.  She finds meaning in arbitrary ABBA Lyrics like a talented Shakespearean actor clarifying the Bard's thickest verse.  Yet her stage presence is as down to earth and excessible as a country-music video." Scranton, October 26, 2006, by Alicia Grega-Pikul
"On opening night, the lead role of Donna was filled by understudy Laurie Wells, and she's easily the best singer/actor in the show.  Wells not only has a wonderful voice, but charisma and the ability to convey believable emotion in unbelievabel situations. terrific understudy."  Minneapolis Pioneer Press, January 13, 2005, by Renee Valois
"...Laurie Wells who makes Donna a sensual siren with an amazing voice. Wells looks great, sings beautifully, and acts with ease. She is a sexy dynamo who lights up the stage and steals the show..."
Atlanta, GA., July 27, 2006 by Jackie K. Cooper